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Iron gives self-taught metal artist, Alon Fainstein’s work a strong physicality. Each has a strong physical presence enhanced by his skill and a sharp eye for manipulating proportion and scale. This transforms the standard notion of realism into a unique expressive form.

“Years ago, I was introduced to an old Italian blacksmith. The second I walked into his workshop, and saw his anvils and tools, smelt the coal burning and saw the hot iron being forged, it hit me that this was the medium I was destined to work with,” says Alon Fainstein. “This is when my artistic journey with iron began. I have learned that when this stubborn material is heated I can manipulate it into whatever my imagination yields,” he explains.

Working with iron, copper, and wood, Fainstein describes his fluid and organic style of forging and manipulating the medium, compares to the brushstrokes of a painter. It is through the use of traditional blacksmithing techniques that he expresses the messages of his sculptures.

Fainstein sensitive to the cyclical aspects of life, the interconnectivity of people and the spiritual power of nature believes that each of his pieces brings the connotation that, 'Everything that connects us supports us and everything that supports us connects us’.  The artist lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa.

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